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Immunology Analyzer

Maglumi - Semi Automated Chemi Luminescence Analyser

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Semi Automated Immunoassay Analyser.

Flash Chemiluminescence ABEl label.

 Nano-magnetic microbeads separation phase.
Throughput: 3 secs / reading / test.
Double tube mode.
2-point calibration with 10 point preset master curve.
Reagent recognition: RFID reader.
Automatic pipetting of starter/ trigger reagents.
Capable to connect with Lab Information System (LIS).
Capable for connection to computer and outset printer.
Color touch LCD widescreen.
PRENATAL SCREENING, GLYCO METABOLISM, HEPATIC FIBROSIS, Complete ToRCH profile including HSV 1+2 IgG & HSV 1+2 IgM should be possible on the instrument.
Special parameters like FE3, PTH, CT, PCT, GAD65, NT Pro-BNP, PAPP-A, Free β-HCG, FK-506 (Tacrolimus), Cyclosporin A, ACTH etc. are available.
Minimum 100 parameters including routine & special parameters are available.

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